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The guiding principle for each of my positions is to ask one question, "How do I ensure that I am affording the greatest measure of dignity and respect to every soul that calls our state home?"

As the campaign goes on I will be expanding on these issues and adding others. Please reach out if you wish to hear more detail or my thoughts on a separate issue. I hope to earn your support, and thank you for being part of Justin4OK!

Native Rights

Our tribal governments demonstrate excellence governing their sovereign nations. The state should not interfere with their efforts to support their citizens. When tribes do well, Oklahoma does well.


Last is not good enough for Oklahoma, and raising teacher pay is only a start. Without a well trained workforce, businesses will not consider us when they need a place to set up shop.


Oklahoma has a structural budget deficit that must be addressed by reversing many of the disastrous policies of the last 8 years. New, sustainable revenue will be key to meeting our state’s needs.

Health Care

As a Chickasaw citizen, I have personally benefited from access to first-class healthcare. My top priority is accepting Medicaid expansion, so that we can ensure reimbursement for rural hospitals.


The condition of our infrastructure is shameful. Water is Life. Rural citizens have a right to clean water. I will also vote to modernize the gas tax and begin the long process of overdue repairs


Oklahoma has been operating out of a failed playbook. Restoring our income tax and gross production tax to historic rates is the first step. Regressive taxes only hurt our economy.


Oklahoma is an energy state. But the energy economy of tomorrow will not look like it does today. I will help Oklahoma lead on energy, and in the meantime we will keep Oklahoma gas at the pump.


I support medical cannabis and commercial hemp. Giving doctors another tool besides opioids for pain is critical. We must also retroactively reverse the sentences for non-violent drug offenders.


My focus will be to reduce abortions by increasing access to contraceptives and sex education for all Oklahomans. We must also invest in DHS, foster care and other services to assist young mothers.


All Oklahomans deserve dignity and respect, and I believe that we have missed the mark when it comes to our LGBTQ+ community. No matter the issue, be it discrimination, harassment or even simply where one can use the restroom, we must re-evaluate how we treat our fellow Oklahomans.

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